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Smaller transformers reduce the voltage again to make the power safe to use in our homes. These smaller transformers may be mounted on the poles, or sitting.

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The electricity that flows to our homes is generated in power stations. From here, it flows through large transmission lines, which carry it to substations. Finally.

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Wires lead off from the neighbourhood's power lines and connect to individual buildings (homes, apartments, businesses, etc) by first going.

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Most homes are wired for AC, so if you plan to connect your Tardis music box . In the United States, the power provided to our homes is AC with about V.

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Power transformers are used to step the voltage down to an acceptable level to power to our homes, the value of electricity becomes much more apparent.

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Homes in North America typically function at 60 Hz while homes in Europe are at and generators which are also applications that require the use of AC power.