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A mesocyclone is a vortex of air within a convective storm. It is air that rises and rotates around Mesocyclones form when strong changes of wind speed and/or direction with height ("wind shear") sets parts of the . "The Online Tornado FAQ" .

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A mesocyclone is the rotation in the severe thunderstorm. this occurs when the an approaching low pressure cold front advances form the west coast Pacific.

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Once thunderstorms form, small/convective-scale interactions also influence storm type Generally, a supercell/mesocyclone occurring in an environment with.

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Mesocyclone: tornado: Prediction and detection of tornadoes: watch the formation of a mesocyclone (that is, a region of rotating air within a thunderstorm).

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A mesocyclone is a name given in the USA for a vortex under a large convection. Those occur often on the lee side (east side) of the Rocky.