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This transference of gene function from gametophyte to sporophyte could .. Root hairs and rhizoids probably have similar functions as well as.

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Gametophytes represent the haploid phase. Differences in size between gametophyte and sporophyte phases exist among vascular plants and.

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concerns the ecology of W. scopulina gametophytes and sporophytes. . Gametophytes in the various populations were sparse to dense, and were not . Stokey () states that hairs of this type are widely distributed and usually not of.

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Multicellular hairs on the dorsal and ventral surfaces of the midrib cushion multicellular hairs on young sporophytes were similar to those on gametophytes.

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morphology of the sporophytes with regard to frond outline and The taxa with hairy gametophytes show significant differences in hair density. As in most of the .

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Running title: sporophyte and gametophyte of Blechnum serrulatum .. Also, superficial hairs of similar size and morphology were found. The adult gametophyte.

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Morphology and development of prothallia and young sporophytes of the they are characterized by a central band of elongate cells different from the other cells of the prothallus. InA. fontanum marginal bicellular hairs are oñen produced.