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Paracanthurus hepatus is also known as a regal blue tang, palette Surgeonfish get their name from the scalpel-like spines along the top and.

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I've only ever seen 1"-4" blue hippo's at my LFS's and just wondering how big they get. I will be getting a 40 breeder. Yes I know it's to small.

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Aquarium care information about the beautiful Pacific Blue Tang Any predator in range of the Pacific Blue Tang's tail will get a face-full of spines the same time and providing them with a very large tank; otherwise, They can do well (as in the movie) with Clownfish, other peaceful fish, and invertebrates.

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What do these Quick Stats mean? It is also called the Pacific Blue Tang, and Hepatus or Regal Tang. Regardless of common name, Paracanthurus hepatus is equal parts beauty and peacefulness that suits almost any large community marine aquarium. He gets along well with our Humu Trigger and eats very well.

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Blue Tang, aka Blue Hippo Tang, fish profile and care information such as tank They can be fairly hardy once acclimated but will not do well in a tank that Be careful handling this tang with a net because they can get caught easily in the net . especially other Blue Tangs, unless the tank is really large, gallons (

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I'm not sure these fish smell any differently, but they sure do go by a lot of different adult blue hippo tang might look like a tiny, fish-nugget sized fish, but it can grow In addition to the fairly large adult-size, the Blue Hippo Tang, like all of the .

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The blue hippo tang requires a large aquarium of at least 90 gallons. They also need They can do just fine in a reef tank and will not eat expensive coral.