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Caption. Patterns in Stone. The Navajo sandstone of Checkerboard Mesa also forms the spectacular cliffs within Zion. This geographically.

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Highway 9 cuts right through the heart of Zion National Park. After you enter the Park from the south entrance, you travel past the visitor center and the Zion Human History Museum. Once through the tunnel, the highway winds its way through Checkerboard Mesa.

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Zion National Park Geology Zion: Top of Checkerboard Mesa. Zion National Park Geology - Zion is part of a vast picture; one that includes other Parks and.

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The Checkerboard Mesa is most famously a cone-shaped Navajo patterns wrapping the mountain and wonder “how did these boxes form?.

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How did this "showcase of geology" form? Checkerboard Mesa, located in the Canyonlands Country of Zion, is a prime example of.

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The main features of the Checkerboard Mesa are the generally perpendicular lines in the cliffs of the mesa. The vertical lines are shallow.

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Checkerboard Mesa is a worn mountain covered with cross-hatching that makes it resemble a checkerboard that lies along the Zion Mt. Carmel.