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So why is Dunstan this way? The narrator doesn't explain, but it probably has at least a little to do with his father, Squire Cass, and the fact that his mother died.

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Squire Cass's lewd younger son, Dunstan prioritizes drinking and gambling. He is unconcerned for others' interests. He manipulates his brother, Godfrey, into.

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Justice in Silas Marner 'At the end of Silas Marner, there is a feeling that justice has been done: that Although not to be taken literally, by Dunstan Cass's utterance 'you do me justice, I see', in response to By Chino Jose San Diego Garcia.

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behaviors of the major characters (Silas Marner, Godfrey and Dunstan Cass). The present article . Squire Cass is the greatest man in Raveloe who lives in the large Red house. His second son .. Diego, (). [22] Bloom H.,

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Add an image. Do you have any images for this title? Edit Dunstan Cass. Donald Eccles. Cass's servant. Noel Howlett. This FAQ is empty. Add the first.

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His weaving skills and penurious lifestyle help him amass a small fortune over the next fifteen years, but he is devastated when Dunstan Cass, the wastrel son of.

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Ben Kingsley Silas Marner · Jenny Agutter Nancy Lammeter · Patrick Ryecart Godfrey Cass · Freddie Jones Squire Cass. Jonathan Coy Dunstan.