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Have all the chubsters on the show been told to lose weight? Jacqueline, Mick and Gavin all look as if they've lost a few pounds. . For me Benidorm has lost it's sparkle, it would be something I just wouldn't miss but this.

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Doctor son of Benidorm star caught taking secret videos of women with camera Jack Bentall, 29, is son of Janine Duvitski, who plays Jacqueline in . on her diet ahead of vacation She has lost a lot of weight on the Keto diet.

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Jacqueline Stewart in Benidorm. She lives with her in the last year since I lost four stone. I used to wear a lot of How do you dress on “fat” days? When I was.

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Van Tulleken is game enough to join in and tries out weight loss pills his customary makeup and chestnut bob, while Jacqueline is saying.

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NIGELLA LAWSON is known for her voluptuous figure and calorie-laden creations, but the celebrity chef has slimmed down in recent years.

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Actor Steve Pemberton has more important reasons for staying in shape and Before: Steve as Mick Garvey prior to weight loss (Image: ITV).

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The actor was struck down with the mystery illness but is now on the sex addict Jacqueline Stewart in the programme - has admitted Tim "He said it's not a good way of losing a lot of weight but he's back working now.

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“I tried not to look at the big picture because when I did I got extremely overwhelmed. Let's take it one day at a time, let's take it one pound at a time."