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A drawbridge or draw-bridge is a type of movable bridge typically at the entrance to a castle or Medieval castles were usually defended by a ditch or moat, crossed by wooden bridge. In early castles the In France, working drawbridges survive at a number of châteaux, including the Château du Plessis-Bourré. In England.

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Castle Parts; Castle Drawbridge; Medieval Castle Drawbridge; Castle What was the purpose of a Castle Drawbridge? How did Castle Drawbridge Work.

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What was the Origin, Meaning or Definition of the Castle Drawbridge Some of the working parts of a Medieval drawbridge are described as follows: Rainures.

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In medieval times the drawbridge's main purpose was defense. used drawbridges 4, years ago, but the widespread use of the drawbridge did not start Most modern drawbridges work through counterbalance, though the mechanism is.

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[fototag id=”Drawbridge”]. Classical, medieval drawbridges worked via the simple principle of counterweight, with large wood and metal bridges.

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Let's go on a journey to medieval times and explore some of the most interesting and important parts of a castle - moats and drawbridges. Imagine you are riding.

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The Medieval Drawbridge: Enjoy this simple project of a drawbridge that I made. I was inspired Next I divided the pieces and got the other material needed to get it working; - A small wooden Did you make this project? Share it with us!.

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drawbridge Almost all drawbridges were made of wood. The earliest were removable. When the need came, the guards would withdraw the platform from its.