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Stop and consider: How did the Roman Empire shape early Christianity? Christianity grew out of Jewish traditions and was shaped by Roman cultural and .

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History of Christianity in Rome - Learn about the Roman church history and and its leaders endured as the dominant influence in Roman culture and politics.

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The Jewish, Greek, and Roman cultures of the formative first two centuries of the Common Era How did the Roman Empire influence Christian communities?.

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have had a great and beneficent influence upon the Roman Empire, within which it had its . Christians before God could consist with the continuance of slavery is .. language, and the increasing uniformity of culture, made the growth of any.

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Now Constantine did legalize Christianity, but one of the effects of that is often It is clear that the Roman culture efecets Christianity because Christianity born.

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Thus, the Christians could very well be unpopular, and they often were. Relations between Christianity and the Roman government and the Hellenistic culture to the influence of Galerius, a fanatic follower of the traditional Roman religion;.