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The difference between addiction and dependence can be difficult to understand. Some organizations have different definitions, use the words interchangeably.

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Many people think drug addiction, dependence, and tolerance are pretty much the same thing. But in fact, each term means something very.

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Home» Publications» Frequently Asked Questions» Is there a difference between physical dependence and addiction? Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment: A Research-Based Guide (Third Edition) Physical dependence can happen with the chronic use of many drugs—including many.

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Understanding the difference between tolerance, dependence, and addiction can help you better understand drug abuse and the development of addiction.

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Physical dependence occurs when the brain adapts to the effects of a drug and develops tolerance. In other words, an individual will require.

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Physical dependence is means that the body has adapted to the drug, which means that the user must take more and more of it for the person.

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Addiction and dependence are two distinct types of substance abuse, with drug addiction being more of a psychological issue and dependence.

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Becoming dependent on alcohol or drugs means you rely on a substance to feel .

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Although they are often used interchangably, dependence and addiction are two very different things. Learn more about the difference between.