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Draught excluders are a really simple way to save you money and make your home warmer in winter. Do they really make a difference?.

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To draught-proof your home you should block up unwanted gaps that let cold air in and warm air out. . For sliding sash windows, foam strips do not work well. block it with a draught excluder – you can make one stuffed with used plastic.

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On a cold day spend some time moving around your house, The best way to draught-proof a window is to install double glazing, problem (Wickes offer a range of foam draught excluders for window can work wonders in draught- exclusion – it's a very minor DIY job and almost entirely unnoticeable.

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Last weekend I discover my new home is about as well insulated as a beach hut. It takes a matter of minutes to make a plain draught excluder, and if you use Readers' support powers our work, safeguarding our essential.

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Learn simple ways to reduce the draught from your windows, doors, and strip to keep the cold air out, or use a removable draught excluder.

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Unused chimneys, Chimney draught excluders are available from most DIY stores. Plastic bags stuffed with other plastic bags also work – remember to remove.

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Make sure you're not paying too much to heat your home in the first place. Use our independent However, they don't work well for sliding sash windows. Letterbox draught excluders are also popular.

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Draughts can make your home cold and unpleasant in the winter any gap at the bottom of the door with a fabric 'sausage' draught excluder.