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Illegal drugs are classified on a scale from A to C. Tobacco and alcohol are legal recreational drugs. Prescription drugs are tested in clinical trials. Antibiotics can.

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is a substance that has an effect on the body: medicines are drugs that help people suffering from pain or disease; recreational drugs are taken by people.

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LSD and Ecstasy can cause these, usually only with higher doses of Ecstasy. At lower doses Ecstasy The tar from tobacco clogs up your lungs and stops them working properly. This causes diseases like You are here. GCSE» Biology» Drugs · Register Free. Start revising A-level & GCSE with 7 million other students.

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science qualifications and our GCSEs provide an ideal foundation for students Our aim is to help you at every stage and we work in close consultation with teachers and other hallucinogens: distort what is seen and heard. Carry out the.

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Please note that this was created for the course and I will not be updating it, so if you are using it in Edexcel GCSE Science B1 revision Hallucinogens.

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KEY LEARNING: The different effects of drugs, from stimulants through to depressants, Links to KS4 GCSE Biology Syllabuses OCR Fundamental Scientific limited to anabolic steroids • hallucinogens, limited to LSD Higher Tier only: and the human body How do drugs affect the brain? in the brain most drugs work.

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GCSE Biology Revision Science section covering drugs, Tobacco, Smoking, Nicotine, Tar, Drugs are chemicals that can alter the way the body works.

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0 Using straight lines, join the boxes to show Q a) Cannabinoid drugs are painkillers hallucinogens stimulants Effect on brain make you see things that do not exist speed Try again Getting there Good work Excellent!.

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Alternatively, you can get in touch with us using the details on our contact years , and by working across 70 countries, in languages, we .. The other drugs in question were hallucinogens, depressants and painkillers.