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Teachers need to band together to support each other and make teaching a more sustainable career. There are several things we can do for.

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When I was a student teacher at West High School in Madison, Wisconsin, I sat in on a bunch of different classrooms, because the principal at that school.

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Teacher support can be hard to find. Learn what you can do to give yourself and other teachers the support you need to have a good school.

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One of the biggest obstacles to connecting with other teachers is making sure that you're all on the same page. Teach and learn from each other. . This way, teachers can share advice, provide guidance, and help make sure all teachers.

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Whether we are an newly qualified teacher or an assistant headteacher, what can we do to support each other in school and make life that little.

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When a principal tears down the culture of a school or does not know . Meeting with staff outside of the school setting supports each other's.