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Research shows that abdominal fat is the worst of the worst. Measuring your waist to learn if you have abdominal obesity and excess visceral.

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Alone, BMI is not enough to determine the risk of developing obesity-related.

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The standard measurement of overweight and obesity is the body mass index ( BMI).

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Abdominal obesity, also known as central obesity, occurs when excessive abdominal fat . Another measure of central obesity which has shown superiority to BMI in predicting cardiovascular disease risk is the Index of Central Obesity.

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Waist circumference (WC) is an accurate and simple measure of abdominal obesity as compared to waist–hip ratio (WHR). The aim of this.

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Optimal Central Obesity Measurement Site for Assessing Cardiometabolic and Type 2 Diabetes Risk in Middle-Aged Adults. Seán R. Millar, 1.

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Several indices such as WC, WHR, waist to height ratio (WHtR) and sagittal abdominal diameter (SAD) have been used as clinical measures of central obesity.

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Waist measurement, not BMI, is stronger predictor of death risk, study finds Central obesity has several anthropometric proxies: waist.

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Objectives It is important to ascertain which anthropometric measurements of obesity, general or central, are better predictors of cardiovascular disease (CVD) .

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Thus, both BMI and WHR do not specifically measure central obesity or are not precise for certain body types. A research team lead by Zhiyong.