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There are 2 ways to glue Polycarbonate sheets: one way is via the use of Epoxy simply adhere two pieces of Polycarbonate together using regular solvents.

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Im trying to glue Lexan on Lexan. the ones you guys mentioned “heavy duty” that it would literally stick them together almost permanantly?.

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on glass smooth lexan, which I couldn't get any super glues to stick to, . It held together great and was leak-proof as heck too bad I made a.

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Take advantage of a methylene chloride solution to bond two pieces of Lexan polycarbonate together. Methylene chloride is a solvent that softens Lexan.

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I have an original Top Force body painted in PS16 that came with a purchase which is in really good shape and which i want to use for running.

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Lexan is a thermoplastic called polycarbonate. The practice of gluing plastics together is known as "plastic welding." The glue of choice for Lexan is the chemical.