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15 Brain Foods You Should Be Eating Regularly to Keep Your Mind Sharp the need for constant company, entertainment, or being busy for its own sake.

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We all worry, but it can get hamper productivity and your mood if it goes on for too long. into your life, can force your worries to leave and free up your mind For example, you could busy yourself with a task you don't mind.

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Keeping your mind busy should not be stressful and so select something that you are really interested in. You will be amazed how big a chain of information is.

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Keep your mind busy to fight dementia. Computer use, crafting, social activities and games all seem to boost brain health, a new study finds.

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Exercise helps beat back the chatter. But sometimes you need to beat it into total submission. Here are some ways to keep your mind busy while on a run.

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5 mental workouts to keep your mind busy. by CBHS | Jul 24, Man doing crossword. Would you try to run a marathon without training for it? Probably not.

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Keep your mind busy with positive thoughts, actions and conversations. You won' t have the time to let negativity seep in. March 7, at AM.