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How Do Wine Aerators Work | Find out the difference between decanting and aerating, which wines need to be aerated and different types of aerators.

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Purpose of a Wine Aerator - The purpose of wine aerators is to rapidly introduce air to red wine. Learn all about the purpose of wine aerators at HowStuffWorks.

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For more extreme aeration, decanting a wine works well too. After a while, aerated wines begin to oxidize, and the flavors and aromas will flatten out. The more.

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Wine Spectator's resident wine expert, Dr. Vinny, explains aerators, and why a little oxygen can be After a while, too much oxygen will work against any wine.

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Exposing wine to air does two things: it triggers oxidation and evaporation. With aeration The wine aerator works with all types of wine, except sparkling wine.

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Getting at the wine in the bottle used to be just you, the bottle and a corkscrew. But we live during the reign of the gizmo and the thingamajig.

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What is wine aeration and what is the science behind wine aeration and also how wine aeration actually works.