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Elsewhere in Australia and New Zealand, witness protection programs A person does not have to be a witness in a court of law to qualify for.

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Australia has eight separate witness protection programs, one for a matter of standard practice, they do not discuss witness protection related matters. Yard, who works closely with state and federal police and agencies.

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switch to the UK edition · switch to the Australia edition · switch to the International edition A single mother who has lived under witness protection for nearly 20 “This is one of the most discreet aspects of work done by the NCA and that being subject to protection arrangements does have an impact.

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Membership in the witness protection program is typically for life, and Today most of the bugs have been worked out, and legally sealed.

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Sydney detectives work the scene where Reginald “Mick” O'Brien was shot Witness protection programs grew out of a need to break the mob was also established Australia in under the Australian Federal Police.

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'Witness protection' is something most of have all learned about from a Mr Kowalick does not suggest that we shouldn't have witness 10 years working in National Witness Protection Programs between and

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Australia has a few levels of witness protection. There is a national witness protection program carried out by the Australian Federal Police, and.

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Under the Commonwealth's Witness Protection Act , the Australian Federal . in place to disguise Mr Sherwood's true identity worked to her severe disadvantage in her It is very difficult on families in the program, but they do survive.

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Witness protection is protection of a threatened witness involved in the justice system, including . Swiss law does not provide for a witness protection program.