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Since the wheel does not exist in nature, I'm inclined to think that it evolved as the result of problem-solving. The mainstream view (in the field of ancient history).

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The ancient Greeks invented Western philosophy and the wheelbarrow. A person could be stretched across the face of a wheel and.

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In its primitive form, a wheel is a circular block of a hard and durable material at whose center – BCE: Copper Age, invention of the potter's wheel; earliest wooden wheels (disks with a hole for the axle); earliest wheeled vehicles, .

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The wheel seems like a primitive invention, but it actually only happened fairly By that time — it was the Bronze Age — humans were already casting "They solved this problem by making the earliest wagons quite narrow.

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Since its invention, how has the wheel evolved over the years? Early humans in the Palaeolithic era (15, to , years ago).

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Nature has a array of round, rolling, wheel like objects that man would have wheel was discovered long ago but not recorded do to the fact that cave men can' t.

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Although the wheel has revolutionised the way early human beings travelled and transported goods from one place to another, the wheel was.

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Wheels are the most ancient discovery for humankind. could have found out the name or the person, who invented wheels, he or she definitely deserved world.

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Though often thought of as one of the earliest inventions, the wheel actually arrived after the invention of agriculture, boats, woven cloth, and.