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It was going really well, but right in the middle of a funny story I was telling, something warm and wet hit my arm. A bird had pooped on me!.

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Find out who spilled their embarrassing moment in the April issue! Total Girl's Totally Embarrassing blush moments are your red-face stories! Total Girl's Totally Embarrassing section is a hilariously funny collection of mortifying moments and stories and more, all about crushes.

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You've shared your most embarrassing moments with Girls' Life readers in the mag and on the Web since Put down that drink and take a seat, girlie.

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The story which I'm going to narrate now happened a few weeks before in one of the malls in Bangalore. I was embarrassed in front of not one girl but two.

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Age Logging on to discover your little brother secretly filmed you trying to twerk and posted it in your high school's Facebook group.

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Sex has its good moments, it's bad moments and it's very, very embarrassing moments! No need to deny it, girls, we've all been there! So let's.