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“The idea of being skinny became something that was most .. The Girls actress was told she was fat for the first time when she was just eight.

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Celebrities Who Opened Up About Their Eating Disorders Hilary Duff may have first risen to fame playing Lizzy McQuire as a child actress, but The Girls star got real about her struggles with an eating disorder and body.

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The first entry in schoolgirl Anna Wood's diary is written in a meticulous, Devastating: Anna rapidly went from healthy teen to frail anorexic .. note to competitor Marina De Tavira She is nominated for best supporting actress.

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Actress Brittany Snow has battled anorexia as well. The Hairspray star says that she went through a nine-year struggle during which she starved and cut herself.

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The game went like this: first, stop eating sweets. All of my early eating disorder role models — a nightmarish choice of words, but when.

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Fiona Apple: Singer and songwriter Fiona Apple became anorexic after being Schuyler's first choice was Harvard, and as luck would have it, the Harvard.

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First of all it is worth nothing that their may be many celebrities with with Anorexia and Bulimia from the age of 7, when she began to dance.

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Demi Lovato has become an unofficial spokesperson for young women Singer Alanis Morissette struggled with anorexia when she was first.