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Buying any vlogging equipment can be expensive, so it's important to make sure you buy what's best for you. Before I started vlogging, I spent hours and hours.

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Having the right vlogging equipment will help you record better vlogs. Here I want to show you the different tools that will help you get started with your.

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Vlogging—or video blogging—is becoming more popular by the day, with Start shooting, start sharing, and who knows, vlogging stardom could be just around.

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For starting on YouTube, I'd say a modern smartphone would be a good start for video. They are portable, come in a range of models, can upload videos directly.

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I completely agree with the cell phone thing. START SMALL until begin to “need” something more to tell you story. Having restrictions, especially in gear, will.

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What Equipment Do You Need to Start a YouTube Channel? use them for when you're just filming a video at home or for on-the-go vlogging.

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Without these essential bits of gear, you can't record your daily whereabouts and make awesome vlogs, can you? Before you start brainstorming ideas for your.

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Alright, so now you have a camera to record a vlog and youtube channel to upload your vlog. Now it's time to actually start vlogging. If you don't know what to .

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In this article we're going to be looking at what equipment that is needed for starting a vlogging channel on YouTube in I'm going to be.

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You are not a professional vlogger just yet (soon, however), but why not start looking for the right equipment that will help you start your own.