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Individual throttle bodies don't just look cool–they bring huge benefits in throttle response.

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That was the joy of individual throttle bodies. I did an explainer on how these work to get more air more into your engine more cleanly (but also.

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When cost is no object however, individual throttle bodies have several distinct advantages In a vehicle equipped with individual throttle bodies, the plenum if equipped, remains full of air Do Throttle Body Spacers Work?.

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I can't imagine trying to set up an ITB intake for a Subaru with its flat-4 engine, but on a more traditional I4 setup it's not all that hard.

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Your BMW is advertised as having individual throttle bodies, but you're not exactly sure what this means. A throttle body is the housing which.

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A carburetor works through the venturi principle - fast-moving air draws fuel as it flows through the throttle - thus, there's a ratio between the “carburettor” part.

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This is referred to an ITB or Individual Throttle Body setup. One of Still, you have to make sure all of your throttle bodies are working together.

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You can fit individual throttle bodies to pretty much any type of These work in the same way and the throttle butterflies still control the amount.

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A throttle is the mechanism by which fluid flow is managed by the constriction . throttle plate, and works similarly to a single venturi carburetor, but body for each cylinder, often called "individual throttle bodies".