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Substances are carried in a transport medium of the blood. Blood pumped out of the heart is at a very high pressure, so the structure of the arteries must be adapted to this. They can withstand high pressure by having very thick walls made up of elastic fibres and smooth muscle.

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In this article we will discuss about: 1. Definition and Sources of Tissue Fluid 2. Composition of Tissue Fluid 3. Functions 4. Aggregation.

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Ok, my notes for how tissue fluid is formed and returned to the circulatory system . includes - Biology Molecules (alpha and beta glucose mainly, tissue fluid.

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The tissue fluid (or interstitial fluid) in capillary beds and surrounding all cells in tissues is primarily blood from General Studies Biology: Help & Review.

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At the same time the water potential of the blood is lower than the tissue fluid, so this would tend to push water in the Related Biology A Level answers.

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Fluid found in the spaces around cells. It comes from substances that leak out of blood capillaries (the smallest type of blood vessel).

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the fluid derived from blood plasma, that surrounds the cells in a tissue. the fluid held in the the formation of tissue fluid from plasma; To include reference to.

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Tissue Fluid and Lymph Exchange across the capillaries Formation of tissue fluid Lymph.

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I am a fully qualified biology teacher, recently teaching to year 12 (AS in the tissue fluid, so the tissue fluid is forced back into the blood in the.