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Others have telltale signs for weeks, maybe even a false start or two, before the Zero percent means no effacement; percent means you're fully effaced. 3.

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So last week Thursday, I found out I was % effaced and cm dialated, Dilation and effacement mean nothing until you are in labor.

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but I have no real labor symptoms at all, just BH. been 75% effaced since 32 weeks, % since at least a week ago. I am hoping soon.

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When it is 50 percent effaced, it is about two centimeters long. When it is percent effaced, it is "paper-thin." Effacement can happen over days before labor .

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I want to hear from my fellow tpf'ers, when you were told you were % effaced, how long before actual labor happened, one week, two, days.

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At it's most effaced, your cervix will be paper thin and at percent. This In most cases, effacement begins long before you go into labor.

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What do these things mean, and will my baby come soon? The cervix will efface (shorten) from % of its normal length to 0% during birth. But you can be You can be dilated or effaced for weeks or months before labor.

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I'm curretly % effaced, cm dialated, -1 station, baby is sunny side I know of gals who have been 6cm before labor starts (imo that's the.

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I am curious how close to labor does this mean I am? Just curious if how long before labor started were other people % effaced for.

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A cervix that is percent effaced has gone from the shape of a Even moms who've been through it before can't always tell when labor is starting. . How long did it take you to go from contractions that were 5 minutes apart to the transition.