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Providing the Air Force with communications networking expertise, Client Systems specialists ensure that all of our computer hardware Tech School Location.

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AFSC 3D1X1 (Client Systems) and Tech School. January 31, April 13, Blocks are courses of instruction (around days long). They have thrown.

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Jun 24, This article describes AFSC 3D1X1, Client Systems. 01AA, Client Systems Specialist Course at Keesler AFB, MS - length unknown.

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So I am in tech school currently for client systems--I've never been someone interested in computers and such landed this AFSC out of MEPS and I Friendly bashing between jobs is ok, as long as it doesn't go too far.

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Go to and search for 3D1X1 and if it doesnt come up then search for 3C1X1. The AFSC recently changed from 3C to 3D.

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Jul 23, Client Systems Technician offers an opportunity to become well rounded in the different "Can be long hours and shift work" (in reviews).

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Removes and replaces components and peripherals to restore system operation. For award of AFSC 3D, completion of Client Systems initial skills course.

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Feb 13, Long story short, I was a cop while in active duty, had a 10 year break I will be heading off to Client Systems tech school sometime in the near.