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To determine how long it will take to recharge your battery, you must determine how much Do NOT charge the battery before you test the open circuit voltage.

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Thus, using rechargeable AA batteries makes sense from a long-term perspective. Also, it is an environment-friendly option. AA batteries are charged by.

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it may charge NiMH batteries a very long time to do so.

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Forget, and you'll overcharge the batteries; take the charger off too soon and you won't charge them enough, so they'll run flat more quickly.

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Do not leave battery in charger for more than a few days Subject to memory. .. how often should we charge cell phone batteries for their long life and.

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Lead acid batteries should be charged in three stages, which are [1] constant- current . A low voltage suggests a partial charge due to long storage or a high.

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a) How long should i charge the battery? - I read it should automatically switch to float charge so does this mean i can charge it as long as i.

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How long is a piece of rope? Seriously? Okay,a more responsive answer: Depends. Let's postulate an typical car battery, around 64 ampere-hours.