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On the September 22, episode of Nitro, Goldberg defeated Hugh Morrus in his debut match. Soon.

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Goldberg returns to professional wrestling Monday. wins and 0 losses before Starrcade , when Kevin Nash snapped the streak with.

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Eric Bischoff On How Goldberg's Undefeated Streak Was Created. During Goldberg's streak, he actually had a technical match against William (Steven) Regal Matt Hardy Comments On WWE Contract Ending Very Soon.

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Goldberg's unprecedented undefeated streak stood firm at as he However, WCW fans were utterly shocked when Nash's former tag.

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Literally the first hit when Googling "goldberg streak" ยท permalink His actual streak is and his streak for televised matches is

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In his very first match he defeated Hugh Morris on September 22nd , this match marked the first victory of Goldberg's streak -- a series of.