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Span limits are based on the strength of the material—the stronger the material, the more space you can put between wall supports. You may.

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Remember that shelf brackets take up space under each shelf, After the first pilaster is installed, insert a shelf bracket in one of the slots near the top end. Many hardware stores also sell clear sprays for use on brass.

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I'm looking at metal L shaped brackets that have a support piece (like And last.. .how many brackets do I need for a 72 in. shelf and where do I.

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Being that the shelf is 5 ' long, should I have a bracket in the middle Personally I'd use 4 brackets one on each end and two spaced evenly.

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You might consider using three support brackets for the longer shelf so that each unsupported span is 61 CM. This, together with the wood.

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positioning bracket for shelf The overhang of each shelf beyond the end brackets should be kept equal and to a minimum, as a rough guide, no greater than.

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Recommended shelf spans and brackets shown. There are many forms of shelving available, some for mainly decorative effect and others that are fit a shelf bracket into the corresponding slots in each upright, then using a spirit level mark.