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However, many "wet" counties have dry precincts. Kentucky's two consolidated city-county governments, Louisville and.

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The following list of dry communities by U.S. state details all of the counties and municipalities Still, many of these states have no dry communities. .. Of the counties in Kentucky, 38 counties are dry, 33 are wet, and the remaining 49 are.

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Only 20 completely dry counties remain in Kentucky, according to this map. The term "completely dry" is important here because several of the.

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As Powell County voters head to the polls to determine whether to legalize alcohol sales, here is a map of the current wet and dry counties in.

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HENRY. Kentucky Department of Some wet counties and cities contain dry precincts. Records identifying dry precincts are maintained by local governments.

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While many Americans lamented the ban—and dodged it by getting Researchers at the University of Louisville found that dry counties in.

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Originally Posted by K. Dunn Found this issue very interesting, and did some research about how many counties in Kentucky are still "Dry".

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showing Kentucky's jumble of legally dry, wet and partially wet cities and legal alcohol sales in long-dry Cumberland and Metcalfe counties, while That was a hard sell many places because of church opposition and.

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Source: Kentucky Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control, 11/24/ Alcohol Sale #S Limited Cities. %U Moist Cities: Wet Cities in Dry or Limited Counties.

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Alabama | Idaho | Iowa | Maine | MD - Montgomery County | Michigan | Mississippi. Montana .. The term “dry county” in this publication refers only to those counties in the United States with absolutely no alcohol . Kentucky.