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Hinduism and Sikhism are both Dharmic religions that originated in the Indian Subcontinent. Hinduism is an older religion, while Sikhism was founded in the 15th-century by Guru Nanak. Both religions share many philosophical concepts such as Karma, Dharma, Sikhism is a monotheistic religion; Sikhs believe there is only one God, who.

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Sikhism is a monotheistic religion and hence, believes that "God" is One, and prevails in Sikhism is strictly monotheistic and believes that there is only One God. . "Father", but this is because the Granth is written in north Indian Indo- Aryan languages (mixture of Punjabi and dialects of Hindi) which have no neutral gender.

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Even today, many schools of Hinduism contemplate to be identified as a religion. The question was do Sikhs pray to Hindu Gods, the straight forward answer.

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Sikhism rejects many aspects of Hinduism. Guru Nanak introduced the concept of one god, Ik Onkar, one creator present in all of creation.

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On the other hand he rejected Hinduism and its rituals. . gods and goddesses but for a Sikhs it is strictly forbidden to have faith in any one except the Almighty.

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Sikhs believe in one God who guides and protects them. of teachings and writings by Guru Nanak and other Gurus as well as Sikh, Hindu and Muslim saints.

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This article looks at Sikh beliefs about God, karma, death and rebirth. There is only one God; God is without form, or gender; Everyone has direct They share this belief with followers of other Indian religious traditions such.

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This chart compares Sikhism and Hinduism on the basis of their philosophy, view of God, Belief of God, Many gods, but realize that they all come from Atman.

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Even though India is the birthplace of Sikhism and Hinduism, each of like Kali, Brahma, Ganesh, and Durga, Sikhs worship only one god.

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A unique belief of the Sikhs is universal grace. God is thought of in many ways, as Void, as Zero, as Person.