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National. Ministry of Environment (Pakistan) · Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency There are species of Fish in Pakistan. of them are of fresh water. Mahseer is the national fish of Pakistan. Here is a list of these fishes: Notopterus.

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List of fish in Pakistan Rohu There are species of Fish in Pakistan. The many varieties of barfi include besan barfi (made with gram flour), kaaju barfi.

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Pakistan is home to both indigenous and exotic fish species. important aquacultural fish species, raised in freshwater ponds by many fish farmers in Pakistan.

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Name: Catfish Other Names: Siluriformes, Ray-finned fish Size: 12 cm Rohu is a fish of the carp family found commonly in rivers and freshwater lakes .

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This fish is commonly found in Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand, Male become much darker in color during the spawning season but the.

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It should be noted that there are many more marine species exploited by coastal fisheries in Pakistan that could not be included here. The format of . Fishery: Mainly used as raw material for fish meal; also consumed locally and exported in .

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We culture in our Farms a mix of species like Rohu, Theila, Morakhi, Grass Carp, Salmon belongs to the most popular fish and can be prepared in many ways.

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Pakistanis have access to different kinds of fish – those that have been found native in Pakistan, which primarily includes Gourami fish, along with various other.

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Pakistan has many marine and inland fishery resources. near demersal fish species, 50 small pelagic fish species, 15 medium-sized pelagic species and .

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Pakistan's seafood exports have increased percent to tons fetching as the quantity of exportable fish has depleted due to various reasons, target biomass levels and nine of the species groups are below the.