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I would consider a good quality standard 1 1/2 hour movie that was ripped from a DVD (not bluray) to have about GB so on a GB.

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At the gigabyte level, you lose % x=23 =GB If you consider a movie to be MB that would be around Movies.

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If you're only going to use it for work, G is far more than enough. If you intend to store movies and audio, then even 3 terabytes is not going.

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Its a portable hard drive just wondering how many films it can hold as thinking of getting it for a friend gb external hard drive can get how many movies.

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Answer (1 of 2): The amount of digital photos that can be kept on a GB For most, the GB external hard drive will certainly be big enough to hold all of.

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Can you store movies on your hard drive? .. when you buy a flash drive see how many mgb bites it hold and you can place alot of thing in the flash drive.

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How many movies GB can hold depends onthe movie format,. Videos and Photos and no movies I used GB of the GB available on a GB.

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How many songs can one gigabyte hold? It can hold songs, give or take 10, songs can fit on an 80 GB iPod. this also includes pictures movies.