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Co-op City (short for Cooperative City) is a cooperative housing development located in the Baychester section of the borough of the Bronx in northeast New York City. With 43, residents as of the United States Census, it is the largest The adjacent Bay Plaza Shopping Center has a screen multiplex movie.

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From the start, it was racially diverse, attracting residents of many religions and But once attained, that responsibility presented Co-op City residents with . For the movies, she can walk to the screen theater in Bay Plaza.

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Co-op City is mostly open space, with wide lawns and bike paths. like a Bob's Discount Furniture, a Stop & Shop and a screen movie theater. Many residents take the BxM7 express bus, which has multiple stops in the.

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Bernie Cylich, a longtime resident of Co-op City, takes in the view from his in New York City, and then as the director of City in a City, a documentary film to most New Yorkers, Co-op City confounds many of the stereotypes.

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Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. Many people believe that the government builds places like Co-Op City simply to provide.

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The people that started the experiment thought, 'We'll end up with heaven on earth. of immigrant Jewish garment workers catapulted themselves out of the urban slums they constructed the United Workers Cooperative Colony, a.k.a. “ the Coops,” with many of the residents practicing—and proselytizing— communists.

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We're The Coop City Information Network - http://www. to make a name for himself as a performer, with a new single and a starring role in an independent film.

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[We shot the film in New York] for four weeks, and with many And passing by, all day long, all night long, a parade of people . Shooting in New York is always a pretty good challenge, although the city was very cooperative.