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Hello! Does anyone know the syn value for the 11g bag of metcalfes skinny popcorn in cinema sweet? Thank you.

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Popcorn Slimming World Syns List, Vegan Slimming World, Slimming World Treats. More information .. Slimming world, wow so many Syns what was I thinking.

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Hi. Could anyone tell me how many syns are in Metcalfe's sweet and salty popcorn? Many thanks:).

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How many syns are there in the metcalfes skinny sweet and cinnamon popcorn? Just nailed a 75g bag:(also where can I find the online calculator:(xxx.

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I picked up the White Wraps which are 5 Treats/Syns each which for a Wrap is very good. Much thinner than a standard size so naturally they have a lower Treat/Syn value, Metcalfe's Skinny Popcorn Sweet 'n' Salt 6 x 17g.

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How many syns in the hula hoops mrsg? I've just tried the quark with The metcalfe's skinny popcorn ranges from to 4 syns a pack. Reply.

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I'm excited to try a new Slimming World friendly popcorn, SkinnyPop Popcorn! How many Syns are in SkinnyPop Popcorn? The Sweet and.

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They're fab to accompany pretty much anything, especially our Syn Free . Metcalfe's Skinny Salted Caramel Popcorn – Syns per 25g.

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sub again (roll on payday! lol) - was wondering if anyone could tell me how many syns are in Metcalfe's popcorn thins - dark chocolate.