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But we found some more towns in the U.S. named after Santa. like Santa Claus , Indiana, the town loves to have fun with the theme and many.

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Are there really two states in the USA with towns named Santa Claus If so what states are they - trivia question /questions answer / answers.

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Just move to Santa Claus! Or to be more specific, one of three places in the United States named Santa Claus (sorry Santa, Idaho). Here are a few fast facts to.

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Long before there were cars or vacations, there was Santa Claus, Indiana. its lawn, and the towns fire trucks have been dubbed Rudolph, Dasher, and Blitzen.

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to spend the holidays than in a town called Santa Claus or North Pole. There are dozens of towns boasting holiday names in the Untied.

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Santa Claus is a town in Spencer County, Indiana, United States, in the southwestern part of The street names in Christmas Lake Village are all named after the Christmas season. Many residents also live in Holiday Village, a subdivision on the north side of town. Santa .. Santa Claus ยท Towns in Spencer County, Indiana.