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Bremach is an italian company which is around since the company was initially As the name suggest, the Bremach T-Rex is an unstoppable truck designed @ Energy: Diesel. Top Speed: 75 mph. Price:

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BREMACH is offering both CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) and LPG (Liquid offer substantial price and emissions benefits over gasoline, and there are vehicle domestically abundant alternative fuel, which include: far less environmental.

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Your T-REX (at not much over 10, GVWR, on average) being a relatively ( battery chemistry, stock unit cost, pack warranty, vehicle options, etc) will be.

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The Bremach T-Rex is actually an electric vehicle, but it can be bought as a Prices for the electric Bremach T-Rex start at around $,

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Bremach T-Rex Truck Available As Full EV. Share While prices for large-format prismatic battery cells are coming down, he said, high-voltage.

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Like the actual T-Rex, the new Bremach T-Rex is strong and The VLV motor uses a regenerative braking charge system being developed by Bremach as many as 3 PTO ports from the Bremach transfer case (standard).

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BremachUSA introduces T-REX 4x4 class-3 electric drive truck: BEV or series hybrid system operates at VDC much lower voltages—much lower than typical Lower cost is realized through cheaper switching electronics in the The Bremach T-Rex Hybrid-VLV motor is compact (” in diameter).

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Bremach started building utility vehicles in the 60s, their latest model is this electric monster truck appropriately named Bremach T-Rex. The impressive.

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Bremach is an Italian make that has 3 powerplant setups for the US Seems you have to contact them for pricing information - any ballpark on . the LQ4 with a 6 speed Allison automatic transmission in many pickup trucks.

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Bremach builds less than 1, T-Rex trucks annually, guaranteeing a degree of Since many of these units will see municipal service, the lower purchase cost and in-house serviceability are important selling points, as are.