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Almost every planet in our solar system and their respective orbiting moons have names taken directly from Greek and Roman mythology. The only other exception to this naming convention are the decidedly generic sounding names of the Earth and Moon. Latin in origin, the word “Luna.

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The names Moon and month both come from the ancient Greek name for the Moon, Mene. There have been.

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My students keep asking where does the name Moon come from. Also why do we call the moon, moon. They say all the other planets that have.

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All the other planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, etc.) have names. What's the Earth's name? The other moons in the solar system have names too (Phobos, Io, Titan.

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In literature, especially science fiction, "Luna" is used to distinguish it from other moons, while in poetry, the name has.

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BUT it has: its name is "Moon". Every natural satellite is identified with a mythical figure. Jupiter's 16 moons, for example, bear the names of women (and a man.

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A Name Like No Other. Recently, we asked our followers on social media what they thought our moon's real name was. By a decisive majority.

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Earth's moon does have a name: In English, it's "the moon." The word moon is Proto-Germanic in origin, deriving from a similar-sounding word.

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The Moon is remarkable for the variety and unusual nature of the names of its surface features. The dark, smooth maria are named for weather.