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When I changed my fuel filter there was no difference between If BMW suggests replacement at 90K miles that means to do it at 45K miles.

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Home: Solution Center: Auto Services: How Often Should I Change My Fuel Filter? Don't forget about replacing your car's fuel filter. But mechanics say periodically replacing fuel filters is a good idea because it helps keep your fuel pump and engine running smoothly.

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The filter is usually in the gas tank itself and is a royal pita. FWIW the diesels . when bmw says "lifetime", it's lifetime of the warranty of the car!.

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Hi, I just bought a i and was wondering how often I would need to change my fuel filter. I went and bought a new filter, but when I went.

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How often do the various filters need replacing? . She just returned, and it does say that they also wanted to change the fuel filter as well (is.

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The little things do mean a lot underneath the gas pedal of the car. There are parts that seem so insignificant that the car owner will take them.