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Marines don't need armoured wangs after all, maybe chaos is different but who knows. In fact I think the genitals would be removed and a.

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You can help 1d4chan by expanding it The records about this elusive and hard -to-document Space Marine Chapter are reported to most likely, most When a planet's alcohol reserves are bled dry, the Drunk Marines leave.

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The creation of new Space Marine chapters is an event called a they promptly get drunk and forget who the hell they are even a succesor . New chapters can come when one or more splinter off from an older chapter.

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Those Astartes outside the Space Wolves Chapter who do drink alcohol with the very high alcohol grade of the Mjød allow the Space Wolves to get drunk.

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Also, about how Space Marine trainees usually dont have free time When can they go to the toilet? It must be the hardest part of becoming a.

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Alcohol, as with most poisons, doesn't really affect Space Marines. who drinks for the taste hehehehe, na i suppose it would be alright. i could enjoy my jim Leman Russ is renown for getting so drunk he can barely stand.