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In accordance with Section of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, if your name or All drivers and front seat passengers in vehicles, light trucks and motor homes must A driver or passenger who is not buckled up, can be killed on impact.

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Under Pennsylvania's primary child passenger safety law, children under the age of 4 must be properly restrained in an approved child safety seat anywhere in.

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The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation recommends that children sit in the back seat and not the front seat until age 13, although sitting any child in the.

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At age 13 it is considered safest and best practice by safety experts and car/ airbag manufacturers to let children sit in the front seat of the car.

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Children under age 13 should ride properly buckled in the back seat on every trip . Never place a rear-facing car seat in the front seat or in front.

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Some states cover only up to 4-year-olds while others cover children up to age Keywords: Child passenger safety law, child restraint, seat belt law, public health law, traffic safety, policy .. PA, 5 (), 9 (), 2.

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“At what age/size can a child ride in the front seat of a car legally? PA , MCL to , or federal regulation, each driver.

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For booster and front seat decisions, the issue is height and age, and According to the PA website – as far as I can tell- you can have a child.

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What do I do if my daughter has outgrown the height restriction for her car seat, but not the weight restriction? Should my 60 lb. child ride in the front seat or the .

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Follow the 5 safety rules and the 5 tips to keep your child safe in front seat! below age 6 or children with weights below 60 pounds must ride in booster seats or.