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Since Misty also wanted it, they decided to battle in order to determine who's it was. Ash won. Totodile has a quirky personality and really likes to dance.

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50, Who Gets to Keep Togepi? . Ash Versus Misty! Pics Caught At Nature Park · Pics Brock's Color is Rose! . Old Man Briney and Peeko The Wingull!.

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Wobbuffet is not a battling Pokémon by nature, but has been known to hold its own in Long after travelling with Pumpkaboo and using it in their schemes, Jessie met a count with a Pumpkaboo that fell in love with hers. It was then used in battle against Ash & co. with its move Shadow Ball and Seed . Ash Ketchum.

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I'll list the sp. ability and natures(of what I think) of ash's present team for now- Pikachu-static-- How about Ash's hat??but who knows so,my.

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Outside of the ones we know from pokemon giveaways (Pikachu being Naughty, Pidove being Hardy being Adamant), what do you think are the natures of Ash's pokemon now in Black and White? Paliptoad: Who knows?.

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However after meeting up with Ash, Brock met his father who ran off long ago and thus decided to . Due to it's young nature, Brock looks after it like it is a baby.