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Even more rare is an egg with more than 2 yolks. Triple yolkers occur from time to time and in fact, it's possible to get more yolks in an egg.

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According to Egg Farmers of Ontario, double-yolk eggs are common in young hens. A double yolk egg occurs when two ovulations take place.

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Gill was amazed to find not one, but THREE yolks in the one egg when she cracked it open for "We get double yolkers which aren't so rare.

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Excitedly I searched the internet to find out what the odds are of getting an egg with three yolks and the common number is 25 million to 1 which.

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A woman in regional NSW has had a rare find as she attempted to bake a cake.

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Eggstraordinary: Australian woman cracks open rare triple-yolk egg The triple- yolker egg cracked in a kitchen on a farm in New South Wales.