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First, there's no such thing as a Canadian real estate market. You buy one home on one street in one neighbourhood in one city. This is true.

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This article helps explain real estate commissions. Generally speaking, the listing agent earns the commission for a succcessful sale, the commission is split with her office, sometimes called the broker, and the buyer’s agent and their office. Having a listing agent increases.

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Vancouver and Toronto's real estate markets aren't special. Here's the lesson we taught the country's top economists this week.

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Commissions paid to real estate agents in Canada typically range their own agent and the seller's agent — as these fees are worked in the.

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The real estate industry works because the value of real estate tends The real estate industry in Canada works much in the same way as the.

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Cash Flow is a hot topic and often misunderstood by Canadian Real Estate The cash flow may be zero but the 'tax flow' may work to their advantage (Tax Flow.