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Scout programs can be a great tool to prepare young people to succeed as missionaries. Here are several articles that show how this works.

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Scouting can be a great tool to help young men prepare to be missionaries. Read Mac's messages from the LDS/BSA Relationships blog to.

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I just finished reading a new book by Brad Harris, author of Trails to Testimony, called A Parent's Guide to Raising Successful Missionaries.

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The cross-country runners—like the missionaries in that zone—succeeded Scouting is one way to help prepare our young men to do hard things, such as.

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Of course, Scouting has much to offer to prospective missionaries. That's obvious; the Church wouldn't include it in their youth programs if it didn't. Many of our.

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Mac's Message # How Scouting Prepares a Young Man to Serve an to better prepare the young men of our stake for missionary service.

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Mac's Message # How Scouting/Aaronic Priesthood Leadership Roles Prepare Young Men for Missionary Service. October 12, by LDS-BSA 4.

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Boy Scouts prepares Young Men for missions. As they work toward the Eagle rank, young men will be better prepared when they arrive in the.

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All this news about the Boy Scouts has caused me to once again reflect on how Scouting prepares young men for missionary service.