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A sector antenna is a type of directional microwave antenna with a sector-shaped radiation pattern. The word "sector" is used in the geometric sense; some.

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A sector antenna or "sector panel" is a directional antenna for outdoor applications. They are most often used by Base-Stations and can be.

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Antenna products. RFTechnics designs and manufactures an extensive product portfolio of directional and omni-directional antennas for various wireless.

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Sector antennas are another type of semi-directional antenna. Sector antennas provide a pie-shaped (sector) radiation pattern and are usually.

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Sector antennas are a type of directional microwave antenna with a sector- shaped radiation pattern commonly used by WISPs to transmit wireless signals to .

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Alpha Wireless - GHz 17dBi Quad Port N-Type Female 90deg Beamwidth +/- 45deg Polarization Fixed Tilt Sector Antenna.