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How do you do it? Well, you probably didn't know this, but you can wash your kids' hockey equipment in the washer. Like, WASH wash. In the.

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Wash your base layers every time you leave the rink. Keeping those layers clean will prevent buildup on your gear.

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A lot of people are scared to put their hockey equipment in the washing machine, but it is safe to put it in a top loader or front loader without.

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There are few moments in hockey worse than opening your equipment bag only to be hit in the face by something more odious than an opposing player—often.

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How can you reduce the risks of skin infections and MRSA? 1) CLEAN YOUR HOCKEY EQUIPMENT REGULARLY: NATA (National Athletic.

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Hey guys, are there any good guides for washing hockey equipment in a way that won't damage them? My gear is developing "the funk" and I.

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By implementing the tips above my equipment never really smells. If your equipment has started to smell, here is how you can get the smell out. WASH IT !.

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I can't really be trying to clean it every other week, since it takes such a long time to dry, so do you have tips on how do I keep my hockey gear.

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Cleaning and storing your hockey equipment is a big part of the game. Sure, how you play on the ice is important, but if you don't clean your.

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Learn which pieces of your hockey equipment can go in the washer and how to clean the rest of it to prevent bacteria and odours from taking over.