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Spring-loaded folders are one of the many tricks the Mac's Finder has up its sleeve to make managing files easier. Instead, spring-loaded folders, which have been part of the Mac OS since before OS X, let you click and drag files or folders. Configure the Spring-Loaded Folder Delay.

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Here's a video of spring loaded folders in action on OS 8 (yes, OS 8, but Folders and sidebar items (and the path bar, I believe) in Finder are.

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Making Spring-Loaded Folders Work That spring-loaded folder technique sounds good in theory, but it can be disconcerting in practice. For most people, the.

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Spring-loaded folders lets you drag a file from one folder through If you try to use spring-loaded folders and they don't work for you, the.

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Spring-Loaded folders allow you to drag and drop files from one location It works best when you are using column view, since you can move.

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Spring-loaded folders allow exploration through hierarchies of folders while holding a selection. See here or here for an example: Note the.

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System Preferences, Accessibility, Mouse & Trackpad.