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In computing, an optical disc drive (ODD) is a disc drive that uses laser light or electromagnetic . Some drives work in a partial CLV (PCLV) scheme, by switching from CLV to CAV only when a rotational limit is reached. But switching to CAV.

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In order to understand how the optical drive works, you need to know how an optical disc works. This is pretty simple. The disc is basically three.

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How a CD player works How does a recordable CD (CD-R) work? . The latest optical discs use a technology called Blu-ray to store six.

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The optical storage device that most of us are familiar with is the compact disc ( CD). A CD can store huge amounts of digital information ( MB) on a very small.

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An optical drive that can work with multiple types of discs will therefore contain multiple lasers. The mechanism to read and write data consists.

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Here we are is going to reveal all the secrets and science behind one of the modern devices i.e. the Optical Discs and we will answer you how.

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Optical drives work by rotating the inserted disk at a constant speed, calculated in revolutions per minute (RPM), which generally range from 1, 4, RPM.

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Optical disk drives are still used in desktops and laptops. Here you can learn about the various parts of optical drive and how it works.

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An entirely different method of recording data is used for optical discs. too easy to grab a movie or a box of writable discs that won't work in your device.