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I am connected through a router now and I am not anymore able to access the modem config in Ok, so being a little bit more specific Back in.

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So First off, you cannot access your router through your modem by using for a server, for Linux systems you have to be a bit more in depth.

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gives me access to the cable modem cpanel, not the router I've I'm trying to access the router cpanel to change the wifi passwords. . Did a bit more checking and it seems I probably put the Netgear router.

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The router will provide a wifi connection to your devices, and provide them all IP addresses. Should you want to get emails, youtube or go online you will not have access. Alexander Kutsupis, I've done a little bit of casual home networking.

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malicious web page. A router configuration change should block access to the modem. My testing also found that the modems worked a bit differently. By telling the router not to let us talk to it in the first place. That is, we.

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Enter the router, a good companion for your modem, your computer and you. little bit of jiggering and figuring–but it's not too difficult (your cable company can .